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About You 🧡

There is nothing as powerful as walking in the confidence of the value you bring and being able to communicate your desires and needs in a way that benefits yourself and others.

There are a million things coming at us each day, commitments, tasks, chores, expectations; you name it. We are overwhelmed with the constant noise of our lives.


But that noise can be quieted. And you hold the key.

  • The key to waking up each morning with purpose and expectancy of what the day can hold for you.
  • The key to an all-inclusive family life where communication and teamwork are the culture.
  • The key to a home where you feel appreciated and loved and a career or business where you are respected and valued.

But what good is having the key if you're not unlocking the right door?

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About Me 🤍

For me, Life Didn't Come With Instruction Manuals…

Thankfully, I was blessed with a mother, grandmother, and godmother who took the time to teach me the importance of support and love from the women who spoke into my life. They were examples of strength, compassion, and service, all tempered with love.

They allowed me the gift of trial and error to strengthen my own wings. They gave me freedom protected within the limits and boundaries of my maturity. They showed me that, NO, life doesn't come with instruction manuals, and there is no absolute way to juggle the challenges of our lives, but there is a right way for you. You just need to cultivate it.

Hi, I'm Mischelle O'Neal, and I see these lessons show up repeatedly in my life as a veteran living with constant change, a mom raising a child with a disability, making difficult decisions, performing; having my own business, working outside the home, being an author, and being a wife.

I've had those bathroom floor moments — sitting on the shower floor, water pouring over me, masking my tears. But I got up and kept going because it was worth it. My purpose and vision were so much bigger.

I want to help you get up and keep going — and I want even more for you...

About Us 🧡

You want more. More than good. You want better — the BEST of what life has to offer.

That's right; you want better than just good; you want the BEST! The best for your family, for your career, and for yourself. It's TIME!

  • Time to live each day full of meaning and purpose
  • Time for refreshing
  • Time for joy
  • Time for success
About Us Mischelle's Coaching session

I'm sure you’ve tried just about everything…

Attempting to please everyone to the point of exhaustion?

Putting things off and maybe even giving up your dream?

Trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations?

Mastering Your M.O.N.D.A.Y. was created to help successful, heart-centered, high-achieving women learn the strategies to align purpose with daily living — You just have to believe it's possible and you're worth the work.

We all search for meaning, and some of us are even able to define what it is. But knowing it and living it are two different things. That's where I come in.  Let me support you in living a life filled with purpose.

Ready to start the journey where your priorities, desires, and dreams create meaning, impact, and legacy in your life?

Let Me Help You Thrive With Purpose!

Purposeful Living

Teaching you tools and techniques to help resolve the challenges and difficulties in your life, be more efficient, take control of your life, and live out your purpose.


It's more than self-care it's mindful living and being in good physical, mental, and social condition. Self-wellness focuses on taking care of yourself as you serve others.


Guiding you to get more done by cutting down distractions, planning for success, and finding space in your schedule so you can get it done without feeling guilty.


Providing you personalized support, encouragement, accountability, and direction to motivate and to inspire you to achieve the results you desire most. Living fully aligned.

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change starts with a conversation.

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