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Finding Gratitude in An Angry World – Moving Forward with Gratitude

By Mischelle O'Neal / December 27, 2021

Episode 30: This Gratitude thing isn’t easy. It takes courage, discipline, and vigilance to live an authentic life of gratitude. Everything comes with limits and practicing gratitude is no exception, so it’s important that we know how to identify and manage our boundaries as we are moving forward in gratitude. But practicing isn’t all about being […]

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Finding Gratitude Stories

Finding Gratitude – What’s In A Story?

By Mischelle O'Neal / December 13, 2021

Episode 29: The excitement lies in the story! Stories are major to our being able to continually see the call for gratitude in our lives. They are our evidence of the undisputable reasoning of why we have cause to be grateful. Why are we so riveted to the television, a good book, a conversation? Because […]

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gratitude expressions

Finding Gratitude in An Angry World – Expressions of Gratitude

By Mischelle O'Neal / November 29, 2021

Episode 28: In a world that is cluttered with negativity and stress, gratitude is a skill worth cultivating. Practicing thankfulness for the good things in life is important to our living a happy life. Being grateful stems from acceptance and contentment of the blessings and the good things in our lives, things like family, friends, provisions, […]

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Host Mischelle ONeal - Co-Host Raven Waterman

How Social Tolerance or Intolerance is Playing Out In Our Lives Today

By Mischelle O'Neal / October 18, 2021

Episode 27: The holiday season is right around the corner and with it comes tempers flaring, being pushed to your limits, being intolerant of others, and being closed-minded. We are seeing more and more intolerance with each other and I believe part of it stems from being shut-in for extended periods of time. My Guest Co-Host […]

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Woman with Broken Mirror

What Can We Do With The Broken Pieces of Our Imperfect Lives?

By Mischelle O'Neal / October 4, 2021

Episode 26: How do you pick up the broken pieces? What do you do with them? How can something that seems so invincible be so fragile? Life is hard in so many difficult varying degrees. There are so many emotional and mental ups and downs we seem to continually face and find ourselves having to navigate. […]

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Changing Career

Changing Career Later in Life

By Mischelle O'Neal / September 20, 2021

Episode 25: Things are changing rapidly for many of us, especially in the last year and a half. As we get older our careers start to take a different shape. Many of us are looking to find a job that offers something a bit more fulfilling. But whatever the reason we’re looking, we need to have […]

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Finding Me Time

School’s In Session, Holidays Are Coming, What About Some “Me-Time”?

By Mischelle O'Neal / September 6, 2021

Episode 24: In our super-busy, tech-filled lives, we so often feel like we don’t have enough time to do everything. But those pieces of life that are most important to us should not be compromised because of a lack of time. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: School’s in session It’s the first full week […]

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Why Busyness is a Recipe for Unhappiness

By Mischelle O'Neal / August 23, 2021

Episode 23: It’s easier to stay busy with the world at our fingertips. Technology overload, busyness, overwhelm- whatever you call it- can be a trap. We buy into the lie that busyness means we are productive and getting things done. But in most instances that is not the case. We’ve been lulled into the deception of being […]

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Step Back to Move Forward

Why It’s Important to Take a Step Back In Order to Make Progress Forward

By Mischelle O'Neal / August 9, 2021

Episode 22: It’s important to take the time to recover. When we’re really struggling with long hours, it’s necessary to back off a bit and restore that balance. You can call it a hiatus, a sabbatical, or downtime. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but the main thing is to make time to step […]

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