You Have The Right To Ask Questions When It Comes To Your Health

Episode 5: Let me start with this disclaimer that I AM NOT A DOCTOR! Now that we got that out of the way, when it comes to speaking up for ourselves I find that this is often not the case when it comes to our healthcare. It’s like we immediately become this shrinking violet. Maybe we want to come across as disrespectful to the professional, but whatever it is, we have a right to ask questions when it comes to our healthcare and to get answers! This is one conversation you want to be in on!

We google our next computer, our new bed, the next restaurant we’re going to visit, just about any and everything but when it comes to our healthcare, we often take the position of putting our head in the sand.

We all have our reasons, in fact, they’re the experts right, they’ve had years of training, schooling, and practice so who are we to question the advice of a doctor, our health professional?

We Have a Right To Ask Our Professionals Questions

Ok, let me back up a minute here. It’s not that we’re questioning their expertise and competency, what we’re doing when we ask questions, is getting a better understanding of what’s going on with ourselves or our loved ones.

We have a right to ourselves and those in our care to operate and make decisions from a place of understanding and we can’t do that if we don’t ask the questions that lay resting in the recesses of our minds.

There must be a litmus test for the basis of all our medical decisions. And one of the best ways to do this is by compiling correct information by asking the right questions.

We Have a Responsibility to ourselves

Every good equation has at least one variable and where our health is concerned, nobody knows our body better than we do. That’s an important part of the equation for the healthcare professional to make the best diagnosis.

We carry the heavy responsibility of making sure we provide our health care professionals with the best up-to-date information and keep them informed of any changes in our care or heath.

So Much More

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