Thrive Daily and Live Each Day With Purpose

If you’re a successful, high-achieving, heart-centered woman craving more in your life? I’m here to tell you that finding your purpose and stepping into that every day is possible, and it can happen sooner than you think.

Do you find yourself up late at night thinking back over your day, feeling a sense of aloneness, and fighting the conflicting emotions that overwhelm you when you think of your week ahead?

On the outside, life is really good, but inside you’re drowning in the sameness that meets you daily.

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How can your life be so full and yet…

  • You find yourself trying to live up to someone else's expectations of your life.
  • You don’t have a clear direction.
  • You don’t have a sense of purpose or meaning in the work that you’re doing.

And, because you don’t know your goal, you end up just going through the motions — so now you’re here… scrolling.

Outwardly you’re living an extraordinary life, but there’s still this nagging feeling that something’s missing, a piece of life’s puzzle is lost, and you're feeling… empty… incomplete. 

It’s time to go after that missing piece of the puzzle!

Have you ever gotten to the end of a puzzle only to find a piece of it was missing? The last time that happened to me, I looked frantically everywhere for that piece, and I couldn’t find it, and then I wondered if maybe it wasn’t in the box in the first place, maybe the puzzle was defective. 

I felt cheated! 

If you're like the women I work with, I know you would do the exact same thing. You would hunt that puzzle piece down and leave no stone unturned. 

Isn’t life like that? When something feels missing in our life, we will move hell or high water to find out what that missing link is, or we end up living a life incomplete and unfulfilled. It takes courage to reach out and seek assistance to help us see things differently and approach them differently. 

You don’t have to miss out any longer! That’s why I’m here.

It’s time to take the bold step and shake things to uncover your missing piece — your purpose.  Let me help you complete the puzzle of living a purposeful life each day.

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One Piece, One Purpose, One Life — Yours

What if you could spend time fully active and engaged with something that lights you up so that it’s part of your everyday living?

If you’re a woman searching for that missing piece and you're relentless about going after it and know it’s going to be amazing when it’s done, and you want that sense of pride and accomplishment that you did that thang!

Then You’re in the Right Place, and This Was Meant to Be.

It’s time you discover that thing you were meant to do and go after it in such a way that you don’t get lost in the process. I want you to identify the thing that ignites you so strongly that you can’t stop it. All you want to do is think about it, go after it, and do it.

All This Begins When You Say YES to Living on Purpose!


If you’re ready to invest fully in the outcome of your life, I want to give you the tools and mastery to make it happen, and that’s possible with Purposeful Life Accelerator.

Join Me

No one should be on this amazing journey alone, and so I want to be there to teach, support, and encourage you along the way. Plus, together, we can get there faster.

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What You Can Expect To Achieve

Clarify what you truly desire in your life

Define what you desire in life, why you want it, and how it would look if it showed up in your everyday life. Find your “sweet spot” and learn what true alignment looks like for you.

Identify the actions, thoughts, and patterns that are keeping you from making it a reality.

Determine what the fears are that are keeping you stuck and frustrated. Learn to dig into the truth and gather supporting facts to substantiate who you are. Identifying what is and is not within your control. Awareness is half the battle! Let’s win the war!

Establish the necessary boundaries needed to create the necessary space

Understand the need for boundaries and how expectations play a critical part in your dissatisfaction and feelings that your needs are not being met. Cultivate the tools to help you become a formidable gatekeeper.

Incorporate self-wellness and a plan for rejuvenation and recharging

Create a self-wellness contingency plan and specific routine that’s healthy support to the life you desire. Building in self-wellness and time management so that you have more time, less stress, balance, and order as you dance through life.

Set priorities

Identify the things you will not tolerate under no circumstance. Determine the boundaries that need to be put in place and protect your vision by setting up supporting priorities.

Create sustainable order and balance

Know your values and beliefs as they will help you tremendously here because that's what drives your actions and your stick-to-it-ness. This is where your thoughts, desires, and actions all line up for a specific result.

Eliminate distractions

Shift and adjust to the roadblocks, challenges, and setbacks that will come your way. You will learn to face them head-on and move through them anyway. You will have the skills and wisdom to make better choices based on your values and desires.

Build in a plan to ensure keeping these newfound guidelines even when challenges present themselves

Create and practice for the inevitable road bumps and pushbacks you may experience. They will uplift others by utilizing their gifts, talents, and expertise and entrust the gift of their legacy to live on after them.

Increase Focused energy and effort that produces results toward your goal

If it does not support the journey, it's a NO for now. Time to build that supporting team. Start planting the seeds for growth and build in flexibility.

Create and implement a Strategic, Purposeful Life Blueprint

Strategic planning for your specific routine that supports the life you desire. This daily practice reminds us of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Here we integrate your dreams and purpose in practical ways into your daily life, building wellness, gratitude, and positive results.


Tina Shang

Immersive Learning Architect

"I came to Mischelle a hot mess! I was juggling multiple startups, overworked, stressed, and quickly drowning in a sea of frustration and good intentions. Despite the fact that I had 20 years of experience in my field, I was still devaluing my work, I didn’t know how to say “no” to projects and people, and I had a difficult time finding focus. Working with Mischelle has helped me to shift my mindset and to develop habits that help me focus my energy and acknowledge the value of my time and skill set. That has resulted in a more profitable business and a healthier work/life balance."

What’s Included in Purposeful Life Accelerator:

During our time together, you’ll experience…

Laser-Focused Purposeful Living Training and Mentoring

Purposeful Life Accelerator is a powerful, life-changing program designed to give you clarity of what you want, who you’re destined to be, and a strategy and framework to get there. You will also uncover the undisputed truths to back it up.

With that goal in mind, we start to restructure and strategically formulate and institute a plan of action that lays out your priorities, desires, and dreams so they are 100% in alignment. The work is exacting but game-changing and imperative to achieving the focus, life, and legacy you strive to achieve. It takes consistent commitment and dedication.

  • Purposeful Life Accelerator includes

    • Two private onboarding assessment sessions to establish a baseline.
    • We’ll work together as a group with other amazing women like you who are on a similar journey, implementing my signature M.O.N.D.A.Y™ technique to empower you with confidence that will stand the test of time, built on truth and backed up with undeniable evidence. Get clarity on what you want and who you are destined to be, and build a strategy and framework to get you there.
    • For six focused months, we’ll meet weekly as a group to work through the week's modules and answer any questions.
    • You’ll have worksheets and exercises each week to help you move forward, maintain your sustainability with the progress you’ve made and confirm your chosen path.
    • You’ll have amazing accountability and support along the way as you meet challenges, both internal and external.
    • You’ll have video recordings of each session and Q & A call available in our private community.
    • You’ll have email and group access to me for any additional support.

  • But that’s not all:

    The true success is in the follow-up! Phase II is about ensuring you are successful in your daily life’s purposeful journey. You won’t be left on your own to make sure things continue to work for you along the way because I will be there to support and mentor you during our Intentional Living Afterglow, where you’ll experience:

    • 6 additional months of monthly Check-in and Q & A calls to help with the continuing support you may need to nail it.
    • You will have continuing Purposeful Living support community and accountability
    • You will have access to additional training and mini-courses
    • Email and group access.

Now, you have a decision to make…

Ready to Live A Purposeful Life?

Mischelle Laughing

Hey There! Mischelle here!

Purposeful Life Strategist, devoted wife, fierce mother and grandmother, God's baby girl.


Hi, I'm Mischelle O'Neal, and I’m not willing to beat around the bush! I'm educated, a military veteran, have certifications and accreditations, you name it, I’ve got it all, but none of these upstage life's hands-on experiences!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still continually learning, growing, and expanding, but the thing that brings everything into focus and makes it work is the experience I bring with it and the wisdom I've adopted of taking the lessons learned and making it all work together. My greatest desire is to keep you from having to endure some of the same setbacks and struggles I encountered along the way so that you achieve your goals faster and live a rich, fulfilling life.

Understanding my purpose and why it’s important keeps me pushing forward every day regardless of how I feel, the doubts I may be experiencing, or the questions I have — and making living my purpose a daily practice allows me to walk in that purpose fully. Living in our purpose, keeping it at the forefront of our lives, and walking it out daily requires a conscious effort and commitment to putting one foot in front of the other and doing it consistently. I’m all about the action! So let’s get to it, clarify the journey, plan it out and make it stick!


Sharia Garland

Military Veteran

"These past few years, more so lately, I have been wondering what my purpose is in life. What is my passion? While I realize being the best wife and mother I can be is a huge passion for me, I also know my life goes beyond that, and there is something I’m to contribute to society. Narrowing down that “something” was my hang-up. Mischelle has helped me to get rid of excuses that, in the past, have prevented me from moving forward. I am challenged, revived, and more determined than ever to move forward. I often think, after meeting with Mischelle, wow, I needed that.“

In 2021, this amazing lady left this earth may we honor her moving forward in her commitment to bettering her life and those around her. She passed, living her full life.

Not quite sure; still on the fence

Why now? Why not now? Aren’t you ready to start making consistently good decisions and see plenty of results for all your good work (not hard work!) Now is the time to live your life, not just existing but also experiencing the positive impact of your influence on those around you. Experience thriving, loving relationships, better health, and a true alignment of your passion and purpose. Now is the time to walk confidently in the value you bring and stand tall on the premise that you will only say yes to the best for yourself and those whose lives you touch.

How Do You Know You Are A Fit

  • You know there is more out there for you. You just need clarity on what that is or . . .
  • You know who you are and what you're designed to do but making it happen is another story.
  • You are 100% committed to doing the work and putting in the time to get you the desired results.
  • You seek actionable solutions and not excuses
  • You’re coachable

FAQ: Got Questions? Let me answer them.

I started Mastering Your Monday, a leading Life Management company to provide high-achieving, heart-Centered women with doable implementation strategies, guidance, and accountability to help them get there faster and healthier than they ever could on their own. Look, there are a lot of Life Coaches who are going to rah rah and cheerlead you on and leave you hanging on what you’re supposed to do. I’m different because I believe that approach in and of itself doesn’t work. I offer a strategic blend of practical life application and purposeful alignment to allow my clients to live an enriched life, knowing they are positively impacting the lives of others and building a legacy that lives with and after them.

I teach and empower you to confidently step into the power of who you are, setting the boundaries and priorities needed so you can show up as your best self and inspire others to be better. You will become fully aware of what you desire in life and begin to experience deeper joy, peace, happiness, and gratitude in your own life because of the work we do together. Using my signature M.O.N.D.A.Y.™ technique, you’ll learn to fashion a purposeful life framework and cultivate the space where you willingly live & give MORE, be MORE, and leave MORE.

My clients are women just like you who are a powerful combination of being high achievers, benevolent, and influential. However, many of you don’t even realize just how powerful you are and how to bring that side of yourself unapologetically to the table. You’re bogged down with the frustrations and stress of integrating who you are into the practicality of your everyday life.

On the surface, you love your life, your family, your relationships, and your work, but you have that realization that something is missing. And over time, this begins to wear on you. You find yourself struggling with that nagging feeling that somehow you are missing out on what it is you’re supposed to do. Look, your life isn’t horrible; in fact, it’s comfortable, too comfortable, and now it’s become almost painful. Painfully mechanical, and your moments of joy have begun to drift further and further apart.

With our Signature program, Purposeful Life Accelerator. Purposeful Life Accelerator is a powerful, life-changing program to help you gain clarity of what you want, who you’re designed to be, and a strategy and framework to get you there. You’ll uncover your undeniable truths to validate this indisputable confidence.

With that goal in mind, together, we start to restructure and strategically formulate and establish a plan of action that lays out your priorities, your desires, and your dreams so they are 100% in alignment. The work is exacting but game-changing and imperative to your achieving the focus, life, and legacy you are striving to achieve. It takes consistent commitment and dedication.

Honesty, Integrity, and another driven, heart-centered woman just like you who knows her purpose. And that purpose is you. My #1 qualifier is that you be fully invested because I am. I will challenge you, call out your excuses and hold you accountable. And together, we’ll discover that thing that you were meant to do and go after it in such a way that you don’t get lost in the process.

Because I get results! If you’re stuck in the routine monotony of your daily life and you desire more, then I’m your girl! I do this because it is my charge! My legacy is how I show up in the lives of others. Do they leave better than they were when they came? My answer is, unequivocally, YES! With a purposeful life, my passion is to help you thrive in a space where vision, impact, and purpose are evident every day and in every area of your life. As we journey together, we will build up other AMAZING women like you, who are also growing and thriving in this community.


Stacy Risco

President and CEO at the Pink Patch Group, LLC

"Mischelle helped me hone my leadership style through her innovative ideas and practical approach. Mischelle’s abilities go beyond being a great listener; she promptly gives expert advice and customized solutions to address the various issues faced by her clients effectively. Mischelle brings a unique blend of real-life experience along with a true passion for coaching, which has been instrumental in my interactions with her and my subsequent growth as a leader. One of the things that I appreciate most about Mischelle is that she is a big proponent of personal and professional balance and the need to optimize your satisfaction both in the workplace and at home. Mischelle helped me to realize how important it is to spend quality time in both areas of my life as well as taking time to focus on myself in order to be at my personal best."

Ready to Live A Purposeful Life?

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