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7 Ways to Stay Sane When Your World is Falling Apart


Life can be stressful and chaotic. It can be downright scary the way news headlines manage to get the best of us much less deal with our daily day-to-day.

Sometimes, it can be hard to cope with everything that is going on in our lives. You can feel like there's way too much on your plate - and you're worrying about what you might possibly ignore or forget as a result of the multitude of demands being put on you and on your time, attention, and peace of mind.


Have your blood pressure started to rise? Take a deep breath...

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • Identifying and Controlling Your Emotions


  • Focus on What You Can Do In The Moment That Will Improve Your Situation Immediately


  • Ways to Remain Calm When You're Working From Home


  • How To Manage Stress Like A Boss


  • How To Stay Calm When People Keep Trying Your Patience


  • Ways to Stay Calm During a Bad Day


  • Setting Boundaries for Yourself for a Stable and Healthy Life

Remember, everything changes, nothing stays the same (I hear a song coming on, smile) - change is inevitable, so we should focus on being able to change for the better.


Let me set your mind at ease and help you find your inner peace once again by teaching you just how to overcome those everyday challenges. While some things are beyond our control (well most anyway) we can certainly influence how well we handle the rest of what happens - so what is stopping us from doing just that?


It will take a little work but don't worry I have some simple steps which may help you keep your cool (literally) while dealing with a particularly stressful day.


In stressful situations, we lose sight of what’s important. So how can you minimize the effect of chaos so it doesn’t drain you and rob you of your sanity? Watch this week's show!


P.S. Extra points if you can tell me the song I was speaking of earlier!


With Fortitude and Grace,

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