Time Budget

How to Manage Work and Home with a Time Budget


Struggling to manage your time?

Are you feeling like you're having a hard time managing your time effectively between work and home?


Look, I get it, you want to spend more time with your family and friends, but you don't know how to achieve that. And this can lead you to that suffocating feeling of overwhelm thinking of all the things you have to do and not having enough time to do them.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • 3 ways you can start to integrate your time between work and home.


  • What is a Budget…what is a "Time" Budget


  • How to integrate Work and Home


  • The Benefits of a Time Budget

Finding a way to safeguard your greatest commodity is so important! It can be tough juggling everything, especially when it comes to work and home. Time management is a constant challenge that so many of us face in today's fast-paced world.


While it requires effort and commitment, the rewards of learning how to manage our time and putting a time budget in place are well worth the day-to-day attention needed to maintain it.


Time management isn't about managing time but about managing ourselves. Managing our time is not only about the time we have but also about how we use the time we have.


In today's video, you'll learn how to create a working solution to bring harmony to both your work and home life.


I'll talk about a strategy that's meant to simplify the process while allowing room for priorities in a way that helps keep you motivated towards reaching important goals without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out as you do so. This will help you better manage your time between work and home so that you can spend more quality time with the people who matter most in your life.


With Fortitude and Grace,

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